Drone720X: Get Trial On Remote Controlled Flying Video

Drone720X: Get Trial On Remote Controlled Flying Video
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Summary: Drone720X is a live video streaming flying machine. This equipment captures and records photos and videos in an ultra-crisp way. This drone is equipped with high-grade electronic components to ensure its durability and efficiency.

There are some visuals that you just can’t capture with a normal camera. Especially the aerial views that show the essence of the everyday life. Here comes the role of drone. If you are a photo or filmmaking professional, the drone is your third eye. Footage of city life, including crowds, children’s playing in the park, boats going by a river, drone takes all the shots in crystal clear quality.

Other than that, this high-flying machine is really useful for security, surveillance, and monitoring services. This device lets you keep an eye on the desired area through the aerial view. Read the complete review, to explore more about the Drone.

About Drone720X?

Drone720X is a brand new flying object, configured with 720-pixel high-resolution camera that can shoot up to 30FPS. This mini-flying machine is perfect for taking pictures and shoot videos from the sky. The built-in flight control system helps to keep this flying object steady and allows you control its speed. The best thing about this drone is it has a solid structure. It means this equipment is capable to take few knocks and can still keep running. It supports the live streaming view, which enables you to film the moving objects. This electronic system has a built-in collision protection software. This helps you see the live video on your smartphone.

Products Specification

Camera: 720P Resolution 30FPS

Battery Life: Maximum flight time is 8 minutes

Speed: Max speed 49mph(22m/s)

Control Range: Maximum range up to 70m

Working Mechanism Of Drone720X

Drone720X is integrated with a high-resolution camera that makes possible to make films, capture live video streams, and take aerial shots. This drone is easy to operate. You can easily configure the hover of altitude with a simple remote control system. The battery life of this system is 8 minutes and can fly at the maximum speed of 49 miles per hour. You can make capture your own adventure videos like stunts, flips, and rolls. The video recorded by this autopilot system can be directly viewed on your smartphones, tablets, and iPhones.

Application Of Drone720X

  • Used for live streaming

  • Used for logistics purpose

  • Perfect for surveillance, inspection, and monitoring

  • Aerial imaging- HD film and video

  • Best for mapping and surveying due to remote sensing

  • Efficient to respond to accident, fire or crisis

Features Of Drone720X

  • Easy to operate owing to its built-in flight control system

  • Stable video output

  • Live video stream- you can watch live video on your smartphone

  • Altitude control- You can easily set your drone to the configured altitude

Advantages Of Drone720X

  • Very efficient in capturing videos and images

  • Ensures to accomplish the whole flight path on a single charge

  • Owing to the presence of proximity sensors, it identifies and avoids object in its flight

  • Drone720X is perfect for capturing stunts and flips

  • Maximizes the tourist potential of an area with better surveillance

  • With this flying machine, one can gather real-time intelligence about the local situation

Things To Remember

  • This product is not available at retail stores

  • It is a flying object

How To Purchase Drone720X?

You can buy Drone720X from the official website. To purchase, click on the link given below and this will take you to the official website. Thereupon, you need to fill a short registration form and pay the necessary charges. Once the booking process gets completed, your order will be delivered to you within 3-5 working days.

Contact Details

Email address: [email protected].

Toll-free number: 544-841-5414

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