Roadcam HD : Full HD Digital Video Recorder For Vehicles!

Roadcam HD : Full HD Digital Video Recorder For Vehicles!
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We all have experienced while driving, somebody does something foolish and it results in an accident. People blame you regarding reckless driving. Have you ever think you can prove your point if you have any evidence? These days you could easily put everything on camera, so why not your trips.

While driving we saw many unusual things on road and we always missed to keep a visual record as our phone safely cached in pockets. There are countless reasons why you should install a camera in your vehicle.

What Is Roadcam HD?

Roadcam HD can be installed effortlessly in car to protect your family and finances against reckless driving. This device follows advanced technology and captures visual in ultra crisp and clear way, even at night. It automatically records HD video of your trip or commute. This helps to reminisce the memories of your events. This camera can protect you and your personal property in many ways.

Products Specification

  • Precision lens covers- 140 degree

  • Swivel mount- 270 degree

  • Display size- 2.31”

  • Night vision

  • Anti fog

  • Real time surveillance

  • Wide dynamic range

Working of Roadcam HD

Roadcam HD automatically records video in high definition of your trip in an ultra crisp way. The recordings can help you to prove your innocence in case of reckless driving. This also assists in defending you in illegal fees, traffic citations and higher insurance premiums. In case someone threats you at your window, just turn the camera towards them to deter a potential assault or theft on the spot. The G-Sensor involved in this electronic device senses that detects rapid braking, sharp turns and other symbols of collision and then automatically saves that footage. It comes with an in-built microphone to capture audio along with video footage.

Highlighted Features of Roadcam HD

  • Featured with full HD camera to capture little things clearly like distant license plate number

  • Captures night time pictures as clearly as in day time owing to presence of ‘Night Vision Mode’

  • G sensor involved in this device detects an accident (even when vehicle is parked) and automatically saves the video as an evidence

  • Up to 32 GB micro SD card storage expansion

  • High resolution 2.31” TFT LCD screen allows you to instantly play back video

Advantages of Using Roadcam HD In Car

  • Assigns proofs that are more authentic than eyewitness testimony

  • Helps to mitigate potential spikes in your insurance rate

  • Preserves memory of your interesting trips

  • Works effortlessly and get installed within couple of minutes in car

  • Constantly saves recent three hours live activities in form of video

Things To Remember

  • The product can only be purchased manufacturer’s official website

  • Return the package if packaging seal is missing

  • Not available on local stores

Where to Buy Roadcam HD?

You can purchase your bottle of Roadcam HD from official website. Click on the link given below and fill a short registration form. To confirm your order, pay the shipping charges. Once all the formalities get completed your order will be delivered to your place within few working days.

Summary: Roadcam HD is an affordable and crystal clear high definition video recorder for car. The precision lens covers dynamically wide range, so you can enjoy your drive without distractions. It instantly captures night time vision as clearly as in day time. The installation of this electronic media in car ensures the safe journey or traveling.

Contact Details

Email address: [email protected]

Customer Support Number: 457-354-5444

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