Superbrain Yoga: 3 Minutes Which Maximize Your Brain Power!

Superbrain Yoga: 3 Minutes Which Maximize Your Brain Power!
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A baby comes into the world with 100 billion brain cells. The brain is central to human existence. It is so important that within 4 weeks of conception, a foetus produces almost half a million neurons in every 60 seconds. In fully developed humans, a downrightly complex system of 300 million neurons connects the both sides of brain.

To make your brain work to its full potential, it has to be exercised, and nourished, just the way the muscles in your body need exercising. An option which can help is super brain yoga. This can increase your brain wellness and help to deal with issues like Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Down Syndrome, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and other development challenges.

The exercise works using your body’s various energy centers which take in, digest, and gives energy to different parts of your system. These primary energy centers are major acupuncture points. Finger pads are used in this exercise to stimulate neural network into your brain. These pads work by activating acupuncture points present on your earlobes. Researches have suggested that post this exercise people’s ECG scan showed that left and right hemispheres of their brain have synchronized.

Basically, super brain yoga helps the trapped energy present in the lower energy centers, to travel up through the physical body’s other primary centers. As soon as the energy moves upwards, the person’s brain function improves.

How To Practice It?

1. Face East if you are young and face north if you are elderly.

2. Do not wear any jewelry and connect your tongue to the roof of your mouth. Keep it there all the while.

3. Take your left hand, and hold your right earlobe using your thumb and forefinger. Your thumb should be in the front.

4. Repeat the above using your right hand. At this point you are pressing both your earlobes, simultaneously. Your left arm should be close to your chest and should be inside your right arm.

5. Take a deep breath and squat down to the ground.

6. Exhale on your way back up to a standing position while holding your breath.

7. Repeat this squatting action around 14 times.

Keep practicing it and you will be able to witness difference within 3 months time

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